we are planning border collie and kelpie puppies the beginning of 2021

I accept reservations already

kelpies puppies by Black River kennel Psyco

border collie puppies by Fantastic Eshai Quick angel

 Combination of great agility lines. NNL M´Black Racer, Rising sun Dark Raider, Astra Maverick, Toberoi Zeppelin.
These puppies are expected to be extremely fast and agile. They should also inherit an amazing psyche after their parents.
Fantastic Eshai Quick angel  x   Shepworld I’m on Fire
Shepworlld Im on fire ( Brant ):  VIDEO 9 months VIDEO training
HD B                                          VIDEO training
ED 0/0
OCD free
DNA/CEA, TNS - normal by parentage
Eshai: agility A3, NHAT
HD-A, spondypoz-negativ.
ED - free, OCD-free
CEA/DNA: carrier
TNS: DNA normal
CL: DNA normal
MDR1: DNA normal
MH: DNA normal
IGS: DNA normal

External litter summer 2021 - Amaya Anjelská Stráž x ???


 Amaya -  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10215294456702755&type=3